PPM & Reactive Maintenance
Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance or PPM as it is more commonly known, is a method of ensuring your business’ electrical installation as a whole is operating at maximum efficiency at all times.

PPM can be utilised to minimise downtime during operating hours where any failure of an item of equipment or circuit can be catastrophic to the financial income of the business.

PPM is a method used by businesses of all sizes to ensure that any potential electrical problems are dealt with in a pro-active way ensuring the Health, Safety and well-being of your staff and customers is maintained at all times.

With a regular PPM plan in place, you can be confident that your business will be operating at its most efficient, productive and profitable state.

Reactive Maintenance (Call-Out)

Reactive maintenance is, as the name suggests, a form of maintenance whereby rapid delivery of an electrical service is required without delay in order to maintain the functionality of your business. This is usually a 24/7 service whereby a category system is utilised in order to determine the severity of the electrical problem.

Reactive Call-Out

This type of category is utilised where a swift response is required to diagnose, repair and/or replace a faulty electrical item within your electrical installation. Generally, lighting and/or power not functioning correctly is the standard type of call-out in this category.

The typical response time for this category is within 24-48 hours but may vary as per contractual agreements.

Emergency Call-Out

This type of category is utilised where an immediate danger to people, property or livestock is identified within your electrical installation.

Generally, water leaks, fire and electrical burning odours are the main cause for this type of call-out.

The typical response time for this category is an immediate response with “on site” presence within 2 hours or sooner if logistically/geographically possible.

The main aim with an emergency call-out is to make the site electrically safe regardless of the implications this may have on your business operations.

 I’m sure you will agree, having a robust and reliable PPM & Reactive Maintenance package in place could make all the difference when/if an electrical fault develops.

 Whatever the size of your business, M B Electrical Services are on hand to provide a bespoke business maintenance package suited to your business needs.

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