Energy Assessment /Load Monitoring
Energy Assessment /Load Monitoring

The main purpose of an energy assessment is to determine the existing electrical energy usage (power) at one particular site monitored over a period of days or weeks as required.

This type of assessment is, in general, carried out on medium to large scale commercial & industrial installations but, with energy prices trending upwards, this type of work is becoming increasingly mainstream.


here are many reasons why you, as a business, would choose to perform this procedure including to not limited to:

Unexpectedly high recent electricity bills.

  1. Confirm the performance/efficiency of a new LED lighting upgrade recently installed.
  2. Regular power outages not caused by an official power cut (nuisance tripping).
  3. As a result of a Fixed Wire Test recently carried out whereby the report suggests one or more of your distribution boards is oversubscribed (overloading).
  4. You want to determine your true Maximum Demand (Electrical Load) in order to establish if a planned, new item of fixed electrical equipment/upgrades/extension will not cause you to exceed your existing Maximum Demand.
  5. You wish to ensure your electrical load is spread evenly across the electrical installation – This is reserved for three phase electrical installations only.
  6. You suspect theft of electrical energy for which you are paying.

Of course, every electrical installation is different so your needs may differ but rest assured, we have your needs covered regardless of the requirement.


Our choice of equipment to carry out the assessment is the highly regarded Chauvin Arnoux range of Power Quality Analysers.

There are two types of analysers we choose to use depending on the needs of our clients which are as follows:

Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Quality Analyser

Perfect for extended power quality analysis or swift one-off measurements, the Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Analyser offers a simple and effective method of gauging a system’s power quality and overall energy usage.

This portable device is handheld, compliant with CAT III 1000V & CAT IV 600V and is suitable to leave for analysis over a longer time period.

The CA8336 can be used to easily conduct corrective or preventative work, improving overall power quality and energy efficiency to save you money.

The CA8336 is feature-packed, allowing easy analysis of all electrical and associated power factors. It boasts 5 voltage & 4 current channels, a large full-colour TFT screen and PC connectivity, whilst offering peak detection and capturing parameters, transients, alarms and waveforms simultaneously, making it ideal for your power analysis needs.

The CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Analyser is compatible with a range of Chauvin Arnoux clamps, with the manufacturer recommending their MN93, MN93A, MA193, PAC93, A193-450, A193-800, C193 and E3N current clamps to carry out current measurements.

This device is generally used for medium to large scale electrical installations due to its complexities and extremely advanced capabilities.

Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 Power Energy Logger

The Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 Power Energy Logger is designed to measure and record the consumption of electrical installations in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. This model improves upon the PEL102 with a backlit 4-line LCD capable of clearly displaying readings in real-time.


  • Suitable for use on single-phase, split-phase and three-phase installations
  • Can be installed without cutting off the mains power supply
  • Map the electrical consumption on a site
  • Gain a real-time snapshot of consumption
  • Analyse electrical network quality
  • Record harmonics up to the 50th order with phase indication
  • Record results to an SD card
  • Real-time communication with a PC
  • Data transfer and analysis with supplied PEL software

Simple System Set-Up

Installation of the instrument can be performed without having to open the electrical network, while the magnetic panel on the rear and slim design allow the PEL103 to be quickly mounted onto all electrical cabinets even when the door is closed. Measurements are then performed using 3 additional current sensors and voltage inputs allowing the logger to record all electrical parameters including RMS frequency, voltage, current, power values and power factor. With this data the energy efficiency of your electrical distribution system can be continually monitored and optimised.

The PEL103 Power Energy Logger can also be installed in an electrical cabinet for extended periods to continuously monitor the active, apparent and reactive power values. It will instantly detect whenever the subscribed power threshold is exceeded, alerting users to overconsumption and an increase in energy bills.


Booking an energy monitoring assessment could potentially reveal high energy usage in certain areas of your business. Identifying these problem areas and taking the appropriate action could save you money on your monthly energy bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

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